Advanced Placement Testing


AP Tutoring – Helping You Ace The Exams

Students who excel throughout their academic careers are given the chance to take Advanced Placement, or AP, classes. In addition to providing a challenge for the brightest young minds, scoring high on the AP exams could earn valuable college credits for your teenager, shaving off up to a full semester from a college education. In addition to an early graduation, this program offers the following benefits to motivated students:

  • Cuts tuition bills by a significant amount
  • Success in AP courses offers a competitive advantage during the admissions process
  • Increases the chances of admission into an elite university
  • Your child will learn more from an AP class and highly skilled AP teachers

With an AP Tutoring program designed by Academic Learning Labs, your child can increase their chances of accumulating valuable college credits. With a thorough review of the material, practice tests and effective test-taking strategies, your teenager will be completely prepared for every AP exam on their schedule.

Academic Learning Labs offers AP Tutoring in the following formats:

  • Intensive, one-on-one and small group AP tutoring sessions
  • Subject-specific AP study groups with no more than three students per tutor
  • Subject-specific AP workshops with no more than ten students per tutor