Our Team

campbellfamilyAcademic Learning Labs is proud to be a family owned and operated business. Andrina Campbell has been the Owner and Director of Academic Learning Labs since August, 2016.  She can be found in the center, or by phone, most days. Originally from Indiana, Andrina earned her Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies from Indiana University. The next year she earned her Masters of Arts in Historical Theology and went onto 10 years of non-profit advocacy for people with developmental disabilities.

 In addition to her career in non-profit, Andrina taught Introduction to Western Religion at community colleges in Florida and Minnesota. As for the last ten years, Andrina has focused her time and energy on her three young children, Eva, Machara and Michael.

She can be found at Academic Learning Labs Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays into the evening but tries to enjoy the weekends with her three favorite little people.

The most important factor in your child’s learning experience is the quality of the tutors we offer. While we strive to provide the most comprehensive learning tools available anywhere, we recognize these are valuable only in the hands of skilled, caring tutors. At Academic Learning Labs, we’re confident our tutors are the best you can find. Please take a moment to meet this amazing group of educators.

Academic Director

Bobby Tachine

Bobby holds a BS in Social Studies (World History) and a Master of Arts in Teaching and has his Teaching Credential in Social Studies and English! He obtained his degrees from Pacific Union College and brings a variety of subjects to our organization including world history, US history, government, and essay writing. Bobby can also tutor pre-algebra and algebra 1. Bobby is a fantastic SAT/ACT tutor and a delightful guy to have around! He enjoys spending his free time doing martial arts, playing soccer, watching movies, and participating in trivia competitions.

“If I can show a student that what they are learning will help them in their lives, beyond getting into college, then I think maybe I made a difference”

Bobby is Academic Learning Labs Full-Time Academic Director and available for test prep consultations or academic questions  daily.

Director of Client Services

Sarah Elizabeth Jowett
Sarah has been an educational force in the RSM area for 20 years where she has been motivating young people to achieve their goals at their highest potential.  Originally a Kindergarten teacher at the local KinderCare, she has always had a passion for guiding young minds. Her years of experience and caring dedication have taught her to never give up on a child! Sarah spent 4 years at Academic Learning Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupLabs
in Dove Canyon where her enthusiastic devotion to each and every student was the hallmark of her success.
Sarah strongly believes in the art of tutoring, especially in these changing educational times where many students and parents are left frustrated and confused. She believes that great educators empathize with kids, respect them for who they are, and celebrate their abilities. To that end, Sarah embraces the philosophy that all students have special talents, and she emphasizes the development of those individual gifts when working with family needs. It is with great pleasure to announce that she will be returning to ALL to be of service to our families and students.

Assistant Academic Director

Sogol Pahlevan

Sogol graduated from University of California, Irvine and received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Science. “I have always been so fascinated by science and from a young age enjoyed teaching other students. My focus of specialty is Biology and I tutored many college students in such courses as Genetics, Microbiology, Evolution, Biochemistry, and Anatomy. In college I became interested in medical research and worked as a research assistant in the Nephrology department of the UC Irvine School of Medicine. I hope to pass on my knowledge to other students that may be interested in perusing a career in the fields of math and science.”

Some of Sogol’s hobbies include going on hikes, singing, and making delicious fruit smoothie bowls at home.

“I enjoy having a healthy life style that involves daily exercise, eating healthy foods, and challenging myself intellectually each and every day to learn something new”.


David Fick

David is a credentialed chemistry teacher with a Masters in Chemistry from UC Irvine. He started his career as a pharmaceutical research chemist and has over 20 patents in his name. He is an entrepreneur and has started multiple research companies. While building his companies, he started teaching and tutoring part time for Princeton Review. He quickly found he has a real love for teaching which he now pursues full time.

He also tutors other topics like science, math, and algebra II. When people ask David what it is that drew him to chemistry, he says “That is what comes easy to me.” David enjoys spending his spare time with his family, and finds a good game of golf to be very relaxing. On his work with Academic Learning Labs, he tells us, “I look forward to making a difference in young people’s lives.”

Yujia Liu

Yujia was born and raised in the south of China. She earned her bachelor’s degree in both Economics and International Studies from the University of California Irvine. During these four years she also studied in London as an exchange student and worked in Paris as an assistant editor in a book publishing company. When she came back from France,  she started to work for the language agency and help Chinese who did not speak fluent english with their translation. She also became interested in tutoring while helping their children to transition smoothly in the new environment and achieve their academic goal. She is confident in helping students with all age  in subjects such as Algebra I, II, Mandarin, ESL, Essay building, History and test skill.

She enjoys the challenge presented by figuring out the best way for each student to achieve their potential. Moreover, she believes that tutoring is based on engagement, patience and clarity, these are the key factors that can help boost students’ confidence and lead to their success.

“I am excited for the opportunity and look forward to helping your delightful children.”

Claire Vernant Dias

Claire is our language expert! Subjects she tutors include all levels of French, Spanish 1-4, German 1-2, Latin 1-2, and AP Euro History. She holds a Master in French Administrative Laws and a Bachelor in French as a Foreign Language. The latter enables her to use her expertise to teach French to students learning it as a second or third language. Some of Claire’s hobbies include hiking, traveling, reading, and playing board games with family and friends. She loves to see her students’ progress and improved grades as well as the added confidence in speaking language. She enjoys using resources such as charts, flashcards, and other materials to help students memorize vocabulary. She is an enthusiastic and outgoing individual with a unique and personalized style of teaching.


Bill Zuersher

Region capture 8Bill Zuersher studied economics and government at Yale.  He had a fast-paced and successful career in the energy industry in the U.S., Western Europe, and Russia before turning his attention to teaching.  He received his California teaching credential but prefers working with students in small groups or one-to-one.  In economics and finance, math is a useful tool, but Bill likes to teach math because, “It’s beautiful.”  Bill also tutors SAT/ACT test prep and confesses that he “was rather fond of the old SAT.”  In his spare time Bill enjoys studying and discussing philosophy and religion, especially the historical development of Christianity.  Rumors abound that he is working on a comedy film script.

Larry Wilbur, Ph.D.

Region capture 9Larry Wilbur a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor and PHD in Mechanical Engineering, along with a minor in mathematics. He is well versed in mathematics, physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering as well as an expert in designing and developing mathematical models for difficult engineering problems.
Dr. Larry’s favorite pastimes are classical music, old cars, sports, card games and exploring the great outdoors.
“I consider tutoring a privilege. It gives me a chance to help nice young people learn and grow in a meaningful way. My approach to tutoring is to express understanding, kindness, and patience, while maintaining firmness and discipline.”


Linda Dillon

LindaLinda is an experienced and dedicated teacher of English Grammar, Comparative Literature, and Writing. She has a Bachelors of Arts in English Composition from Concordia University and is a wonderful English, writing, and AP Literature tutor. She has a special affinity for high school and college students.  She enjoys helping them accomplish their academic goals and objectives.

Linda enjoys world travel and learning about each country’s geographical wonders. She studies it’s history as reflected in art, architecture, food and culture. She has visited 16 countries and is planning to continue traveling as the opportunities arise. These experiences have provided her with a broad perspective of people and enhanced her communication ability with all cultures.

Linda is an inspired teacher, who, in turn, inspires.

Babak Ganjeh, Ph.D

2016-04-14 09.29.22Babak Ganjeh recently graduated with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.  During his graduate studies, he also worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer for various undergraduate courses. His professional experience as an engineer provided him with a broad view in assisting students with better understanding of mathematical and physical principles and their practicality in the real world.

He has been teaching different college preparatory mathematics and physics subjects for the past four years. Babak’s greatest satisfaction as a tutor is helping students form a deep understanding of mathematical and physical concepts which are the cornerstone of their academic success.

Donny Segien

tutordonnyDonny holds an Associate’s Degree in chemistry and he is completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. His passion for science began in his school’s laboratory, but his knack for teaching started at home. “My older sisters both struggled understanding what their math teacher taught them, so I’d try to help by explaining the material in a different way.”

Donny understands that each and every student has a unique learning style and adapts his tutoring tactics to accommodate all types of learners. The subjects he tutors include chemistry, mathematics (pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus), and physics. When not studying or working, Donny’s hobbies include playing music (piano/guitar/singing) as well as mountain biking and ocean snorkeling.

Jeffrey Sloan, Ph.D. Candidate

Jeff earned his B.S and M.S. in Physics from the University of California, San Diego. He went on to complete an additional M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Irvine. Currently, Jeff is working on his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine.  He enjoys learning and thinking about physical concepts and explaining and discussing these with people. “There is often more than one way to define and solve a physical problem. One approach might work well in one situation while a different approach might lead to a much simpler and more intuitive solution in another situation.”

In his free time, Jeff enjoys amateur astronomy and hiking.