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Take Your College Entrance Exams with Confidence!

SAT ACT Test Tutoring

Each year, students must compete against stiffer competition to gain entry into the nation’s top colleges and universities, and earning a top score on the SAT could mean the difference between your teenager’s acceptance to their preferred school or settling for their second choice. The college-prep specialists at Academic Learning Labs can customize a study plan for your high school student to help them prepare for test day with the right skills, study habits and test-taking strategies to take the exam with confidence. With a high score in hand, your teenager will have their pick of top-level schools.

Every Student Should Prepare for the SAT Tests!

Even if your high school student has a stellar academic record, they can gain a competitive edge by preparing for test day with the help of an A.L.L. tutor. We have the expertise to evaluate their skill levels against the test requirements to reveal any potential weaknesses. With a targeted approach, your teenager will focus on those weak areas to develop the exact skills required to score high on the college entrance exams

The Academic Learning Labs SAT/PSAT/ACT test preparation programs include:

Real, Measurable Results – With improved skills and increased confidence, your teenager will receive their best score on test day.

  • Experienced Tutors – Our tutors know the college entrance exams and the challenges they present.
  • Practice Tests – The ACT course includes two timed practice exams. The SAT program includes three.
  • Condensed Course Material – The ACT program includes 24 lecture hours that concentrate on the skills required to succeed on test day. The SAT program provides 30 hours of instructional time.
  • Extra Help is Available – If your high school student requires any extra instruction, special tutoring sessions are available by subject area.

Individualized SAT Tutoring With Flexible Scheduling

At Academic Learning Labs we’ll spend the time necessary to understand your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to create a course of action to deliver the best possible results. We’re pleased to offer our SAT tutoring with attractive pricing and flexible scheduling. A good SAT score can serve as the launching pad for an amazing future for your child. We’re here to help; we have the tools and track record to help propel your child to a brighter educational future.

Here’s the pricing for our SAT tutoring:

24 Hours: $972 (25% off regular price)
40 Hours: $1496 (25% off regular price)
80 Hours: $2700 (25% off regular price)

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