Spanish, French, German, and Latin Language Tutoring





Academic Learning Labs is pleased to offer Orange County’s most comprehensive array of language tutoring. We’ve assembled a group of gifted language tutors that can help your student at every step of their language studies, including even the most advanced levels. We can help students go from beginners to full fluency in Spanish, French, German and Latin.

Spanish language tutoring is our most popular. Southern California’s culture is rich with many international influences, and Spanish is the most common second language.  Fluency in Spanish offers students a much broader choice of career and daily interaction in our area. A quick check of many local job postings shows that opportunities abound for those fluent in both English and Spanish.

French is a great language to learn and also offers tremendous opportunities. It is spoken on 5 continents, and is an official language in 29 countries.  It is the fastest growing language on the African continent, and quickly becoming a vital method of communication and commerce throughout the region. It is also the language of much great literature and gives the student an entirely new way to learn many classics.

The German language is the most popular language spoken in the European Union. It is present throughout much commerce in Europe and fluency in German can open many career opportunities abroad. It is also one of the most popular languages in science and philosophy counting Kant, Freud, Weber, and Einstein among its native speakers.

Latin is going through something of a resurgence, and we’ve brought on a Latin expert as a response to the requests we’ve received. Latin is a great tool for students who wish to pursue studies in history, religion, and philosophy. Much of the English language is derived from Latin, and several studies show that Latin students do better on the SAT than students of any other language.

The real advantage to Academic Learning Labs tutoring is that your student will have one-on-one sessions. Each hour of tutoring with us is a full hour devoted to your child’s specific needs. Our tutors are true language experts, so we are ready to help those just struggling to get started as well as advanced students facing new challenges at a higher level. Give us a call at 949-546-0800 for more information on our Spanish, French, German, or Latin language tutoring.