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Children Deserve to Learn Study Skills and Habits that Will Inevitably Raise their Grades

Study Development Programs for Teens

If your child works for hours to complete their school work, it’s time to make a change. The tutors at Academic Learning Labs can create a personalized study skills plan to help your child learn to work smarter instead of harder. With an effective set of study skills, your child will complete homework in less time, improve their classroom performance and earn higher test scores. The A.L.L. study skills program focuses on the changes that can make a real difference for your child by building the following skills:

  • Organization – covers assignment tracking, binder organization and study planning.
  • Time Management – includes scheduling study time and avoiding distractions.
  • Note Taking – covers effective listening strategies, practical note taking and following directions.
  • Studying – includes how to use notes to review material, extracting the most important information from textbooks, research strategies and subject-specific study tips.
  • Test Taking Strategies – includes ways to minimize test anxiety and effective tips for a variety of test formats including multiple choice, open answer and essay.
  • Elementary School Study Skills Programs – Fourth through Fifth Grades
  • Middle and Junior High School Study Skills Programs – Sixth through Eighth Grades
  • High School Study Skills Programs – Ninth through Twelfth Grades

At A.L.L., we have programs to help your child learn the proven study skills that will deliver real results during this school year and throughout their academic career. Whether your child is struggling or thriving, they can benefit from a study skills program at Academic Learning Labs.