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State Test Preparation/Tutoring

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State Test Preparation with Tutoring

California uses a variety of state assessments to measure each student’s current competency level to ensure they receive a quality education. Even if your child is performing at grade level or above, the test may not reflect this without adequate preparation. Academic Learning Labs can help your child earn a better score with a set of proven strategies and practice tests. With this knowledge, your student can take any state test with confidence!

Academic Learning Labs can prepare your child to take the following state assessment exams:

•Accountability Progress Reporting (APR) – A combination of three measuring tools, this test reports assessment information to the state and federal government.

•Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) – Starting in second grade and continuing through the eleventh grade, the STAR program assesses the performance of the school as well as the individual student.

•California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) – Unless your child has a qualifying disability, they must pass this exam to receive a high school diploma in California.

Academic Learning Labs will help your child excel on test day by providing the following benefits:

•Identfy  and target your child’s strengths and weaknesses

•Review  every subject area covered by the state test including math, reading, writing and language arts

•Employ easy-to-use study materials that are both age- and grade-appropriate

•Our state test experts will evaluate your child at regular intervals and report their progress.

•Your child will learn valuable tips and strategies to help them on test day.

•Several practice exams are used to allow your child to practice their new test-taking skills and build their confidence.

•Personalized one-on-one sessions.