Experience Reading Success with a Personalized Reading Program

Students Reading Tutorial

Strong reading skills provide the necessary foundation for every other academic subject. Unfortunately, not every child is able to read with ease and some children may struggle with this skill. In some cases, the child just needs a little extra attention. In others, they may need the subject matter presented in a slightly different way. Because Academic Learning Labs recognizes that each child is different and unique, every student receives a fully customized program based on their individual strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This plan allows each child to get the most from every second of educational time in a fun, relaxed environment that will make them want to do their best. After just a few sessions, you’ll be surprised at the difference!

As your child begins to enjoy the learning experience, it will begin to feel less like work and more like fun. This allows them to retain more information in addition to reducing both their stress level and that of their family. Instead of fighting about homework, studying, and grades, make a change everyone can live with and call Academic Learning Labs!

We provide individual help based on your needs and the needs of your child.

  • Our thorough assessment helps us identify the specific skills your child is missing so we create a program to support your child’s needs.
  • A.L.L’s reading programs are built on academic best practices. Consistent with the National Reading Panel, our programs focus on phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.
  • Academic Learning Labs tutors are trained, caring, and focused on supporting parents, teachers, and students to achieve their highest academic goals.

To help your child at every stage of their development, Academic Learning Labs offers reading programs at the pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school levels.

  • Pre-K
  • Elementary
  • Jr. High
  • High School

The Pre-K Program

Foster a Love of Learning with a Customized Reading Program

The key to turning your child into a life-long learner is to make education fun instead of a chore. At Academic Learning Labs, we create a customized program with your child’s specific needs and interests in mind to fully engage their young mind. Because your child will enjoy learning to read, they’ll learn faster than you ever imagined.

Early Signs a Child is Ready to Read:

  • Between three and five years old
  • Pays attention to a full story from the beginning to the end
  • Shows an interest in books
  • Pretends to read or retells the story
  • Uses the pictures to understand the flow of the story

Benefits of a Pre-K Reading Program

  • Increases Confidence and Motivation
  • Improves Concentration
  • Strengthens Reading Comprehension and Engagement with Text in all Subjects
  • Develops a Life-Long Love of Learning
  • Builds a Firm Academic Foundation

Gain Confidence with an Early Start to Reading Proficiency

Reading Programs for the Elementary School Student

If your child is already falling behind in grade school, don’t sit by and wait for them to catch up to their peers. At this critical stage, proficient reading skills are about far more than academic prowess. Many elementary school classes require the students to read out loud. If your child can’t perform at the same level as the other students, this can lead to teasing and a loss of self-esteem. In fact, poor performance in elementary school is the fastest way to destroy your child’s love of learning. With a customized reading program designed by Academic Learning Labs, your child can begin to look forward to school again!

Benefits of the Elementary School Reading Program

  • Builds Word Analysis skills
  • Provides Vocabulary Enrichment
  • Expands Critical Reading and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Improves Communication Skills
  • Improves Reading Retention
  • Increases Confidence and Motivation

The Middle School Reading Programs

The transition from elementary school to middle school is difficult for many children. In addition to the changing social structure, this is the first time that most children are expected to take additional responsibility for their own education. Although many middle school students have the organizational skills and reading comprehension that are required to continue meeting their potential, some students struggle for the first time during this adjustment period. If your child’s grades are suffering, this may be the time to seek professional tutoring assistance. By letting an expert step into this role, your child will show faster improvement and experience lower stress levels without excessive parental pressure. Isn’t it about time your child started enjoying their school day?

Benefits of the Middle School Reading Program

  • Develops Intermediate Level Critical Reading and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Builds Self Esteem by Providing Opportunities for Success
  • Teaches Content Reading Strategies to Boost Grades in Other Academic Subjects including Science and History
  • Develops Reading Retention

Ensure your Child is Ready to Succeed

Reading Programs at the High School Level

Academic Learning Labs understands the challenges high school studies can present for many students. By their sophomore year, students are expected to read a portion of the textbook on their own each night in addition to listening to the daily lecture. Without the ability to keep up, even a motivated student can quickly fall so far behind that catching up on their own is virtually impossible. Although this is a wonderful way to prepare the student for college classes, it can spell disaster for anyone without strong reading skills. To make things even worse, poor academic performance in high school severely restricts the student’s options for higher education.

Most high school students resist help from their parents at every turn. If this is the case in your home, stop wasting both your time and your child’s. Instead, take advantage of the best tutoring services available to prepare your high-school student for the next stage of their life by calling Academic Learning Labs today.

Benefits of the High School Reading Program

  • Helps Your Child Quickly Get Back on Track Academically
  • Improves Performance in all Subject Areas
  • Develops Advanced Level Critical Reading and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Prepares the Student for College by Teaching Independent Learning