Writing Tutoring – General Overview

Help Your Child Build the Writing Skills They Need to Succeed in School,at Work and in Life

Rancho Santa Margarita Writing Tutoring

At A.L.L., your child will develop the skills they need to become a proficient writer. To establish an effective learning environment, the instructors at Academic Learning Labs create an individualized program that addresses your child’s specific learning needs to guide them every step of the way. As your student completes each writing exercise, you’ll notice their new accomplishments as well as their confidence as a budding writer. Covering all facets of the writing process, your child will be at ease whether they’re crafting a creative piece or writing a factual report.

Academic Learning Labs offers the following study programs for your child:

Elementary School Writing Programs for Grades Four Through Five

  • The Writing Process
  • Writing Techniques
  • Spelling Skills
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar Knowledge

Middle and Junior High School Writing Programs for Grades Six through Eight

  • Organization for Effective Writing
  • Writing Techniques
  • The Requirements for Different Writing Assignments
  • How to Review Written Material

High School Writing Programs for Grades Nine through Twelve

  • Advanced Writing Techniques
  • Applying Advanced Techniques to School Assignments
  • The Requirements for Different Writing Assignments
  • How to Review Written Material
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Research Papers
  • Essay Writing for High School, SAT/ACT Tests and College Applications

Because the ability to write effectively is a necessary skill for school, work and life, the writing tutors at Academic Learning Labs will engage your child’s attention with real-life, age-appropriate examples to reveal the importance of becoming a great writer. No matter what your child’s future may hold, the writing skills they learn today will serve them well!